meredith entrop, vince colvin, jessica zarowitz, kevin sullivan
austin, texas

Limen is a free-standing, curvilinear tensile structure that spans the footbridge over Waller Creek between 7th and 8th Streets.  The footbridge, askew from the path it links, positions Limen as a space to be experienced from within and object to be viewed from afar.

A sinuous line of light within the creekscape, Limen is formed by translucent material, flooded with slow pulsing light and fixed to an armature of rigid, yet organic ribs that arc over the creek path. The modular glulam ribs, varying in geometry and pre-fabricated offsite, are nested within a steel base designed to remain adaptable to unique conditions along the creek. The shifting alignment of the structure and the path within evades stasis, creating a dynamic sense of scale and enclosure, and evoking a sense of intrigue as new views are revealed to its visitors.