frances peterson, kevin sullivan
austin texas

Riparian systems consist of a variety of hydrological conditions. The riffle-pool sequence is a term used to describe an alternating pattern of shallow, fast-moving riffles, combined with deeper, slow moving pools. Narrow and shallow channels, riffles, play an important role through increasing water flow and aeration, providing oxygen for creatures. As the channel widens and becomes deeper, the water slows and creates areas of respite. These pools are sanctuaries for life in the creek.
Pools are some of the most ecologically rich areas within a riparian system, and are the lifeforce of the creek.

Located just north of the 9th street bridge, p u l s e highlights one of the most prominent pools along the entire extent of Waller Creek. An ultra high-powered LED is submerged within the depths of the pool. Filtered through the water, a mysterious translucent light slowly pulsates on a looping dimmer program, luring spectators into the mesmerizing environment. Choreographed to the trance-like rhythm of the light, an ambient soundscape subtly envelops viewers as they approach the pool. As a dynamic animated beacon, bounded by an atmospheric soundscape, the installation symbolically represents the spirit of the Waller Creek. p u l s e creates a mysterious and supernatural event that captivates viewers and showcases this truly unique location along the creek.